Episodes related to “K” Line – Transmar Agencies, Inc. began operations on June 1, 1984. The company was established to represent “K” Line as General agents in the Philippines.

Transmar’s Office was located in San Marcelino Street in the Ermita District. The year 1984 was probably worst time to establish a business in the Philippines as this was a period of tremendous political instability. During that year, opposition to then President Marcos was mounting and the overall political and economic environment was very difficult. Despite these uncertainties Transmar experienced steady growth. Very soon after start-up of operations, Transmar opened its Cebu Branch in August of 1984 and shortly thereafter the Davao Branch was opened in December of 1984. This enabled Transmar to service customers in the three major island groups: Luzon (Manila), Visayas (Cebu) and Mindanao (Davao). Transmar expanded its coverage again as it opened branches in Cagayan de Oro 1991 and General Santos City in 1993.

The political situation improved beginning 1987 and with it Transmar experienced rapid growth. Apart from the improved political climate “K” Line introduced service improvements such as fixed day, weekly service in Manila and Cebu. Newer and bigger ships, upgraded in equipment capability, all of which contributed to increased cargo volume to/from the Philippines. Transmar embarked on an improvement in its physical facilities by moving to new head offices inn Makati (Premier business district in the Philippines) during 1987. Transmar likewise moved to new offices in the Cebu Business Park (the first purely business area in Cebu).

Undoubtedly Transmar and “K” Line activities in the Philippines have expanded significantly since the start of the Transmar/”K” Line partnership. The country is now optimistic of continued growth and thus the partnership can look forward into the future with optimism and confidence.

On July 1, 2004, Transmar Agencies Inc. changed its name to “K” Line Philippines, Inc.