Dry Bulk Carriers

The “K” Line Group has built face-to-face, trusting relationships around the world through marketing activities with strong local ties and close attention to detail based primarily on resource transport services including iron ore, thermal coal, grain,and other raw materials for customers in Japan. These relationships have resulted in “K” Line obtaining numerous long-term contracts in Japan and overseas, expanding our sources of stable revenue.

“K” Line Enters into Long-Term Contracts in Emerging Markets

“K” Line is Responding to the increase in resource transport demand spurred by continuous economic growth in China, India and other emerging economies by being among the first Japanese shipping companies to expand their overseas dry bulk carrier services. In China, the world’s largest crude steel-producing country, we have entered into a number of long-term iron ore transport contracts with major steel mills and steadily established a track record of performance. In India, we stole a march on competitors by concluding long-term contracts for the transport of raw coal with JSW Group, a powerful conglomerate, obtaining long-term transport contracts for 16 million tons of coal per year beginning in 2012. In addition, we have concluded a five-year contract with Gujarat NRE Coke, a major coke producer in India.

Global Systems Support Dry Bulk Demand

“K” Line is developing systems to support dry bulk shipping demand around the world including emerging economies by establishing operating subsidiaries in Europe, Singapore and the United States to build networks for sales and vessel operations.

“K” Line Develops Original Corona-series

The Corona-series of thermal coal carriers was developed by “K” Line on its own, and are being highly estimated by cargo owners. The high-profile feature of wider hull requiring a shallower draft is designed in consideration of berth conditions at power plants. The Corona-series has been gradually developing into a standard for thermal coal shipping business in Japan.