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Procedure for Clearing Cargoes

Import Services and Procedures

Cargo Arrival Notice is sent to the NOTIFY PARTY through courier or by mail through a Courier, if the adressee is located outside Metro Manila. As an added service, Cargo Arrival Notice is sent to the NOTIFY PARTY thru e-mail.

Processing of Customs Permit and Issuance of Container Delivery Order:

Before the customs permit can be processed and issued to the consignee or to its duly authorized representative/broker, it must have the following:

  1. Duly endorsed Original Bill of Lading
  2. In the absence of Original Bill of Lading, a Bank Letter of Guarantee. Only the "K" Line's required Bank L/G form is acceptable. (Please refer to the attachment)
  3. If the shipment is covered by a Sea-Waybill or the full set of Original Bill of Lading has been surrendered at the Port of Origin or other Ports other than the Destination Port, Items (1) and (2) are not required, however, a written authorization to PROCESS the Customs Permit and to WITHDRAW/DELIVER the cargo is necessary and must be submitted by the party claiming the cargo.
  4. Payment of all collectibles charges.

Before a Container Delivery Order is issued, a Letter of Container Guarantee is required and must be endorsed by our Equipment Control and Logistics Department. Please refer to the attachment for the proper format of a Letter of Guarantee.